How to Beat Bikini Blues, Marie Claire Brazil “Esportivo Sexy”

If you listen carefully you can hear the collective sighs of millions of women dreading the upcoming season that I like to refer to as, “Bikini-Hell.”  As most of us have not been blessed with perfect “Brazilian-Bodies” that would allow us to frolic away the days in tiny-bikinis without a care in the world, we are forced to get creative.  And the best way I’ve found to deal with the impending shock of going from Winter-Layers to Spring-Skin, is to get strategic.  Forget about swimwear for now, this is the time to start planning how to look hot – without baring it all.  There are many ways to pull this off, and they all begin with knowing your own body.  When it comes to beach/resort-wear, it’s so important to start with pieces that make you feel confident & comfortable – I call them the “flattering-few.”  Starting with a base of Season-Staples will give you a strong foundation to build on, and a solid group of great go-to pieces.  Some of my faves include; denim skirts, long jean cut-offs, light cargos (rolled-up), long straight cotton skirts, flowing prairie skirts, boyfriend jeans, high-waisted shorts & simple tank/floral day-dresses.  All of these options can be paired with sexy tank-tops or vintage t’s, to take them from casual-cute to trendy-cool.  Then when personalized with hot accessories including; aviator-sunglasses, neon bracelets, stacked necklaces, over-sized colorful watches, big-brimmed sun-hats or distressed caps – the look takes on a “street-chic” appeal that can rival any bikini-clad babe on the beach.  This isn’t about hiding under layers of clothing, or standing on the side-lines of life.  This is about owning your choices, and empowering yourself to define what it is that makes you sexy.  And nothing is more sexy than knowing who you are, and allowing yourself to shine.  We just have to make sure we’re ready when the “Spotlight” comes.  So don’t panic as Spring approaches, find your “flattering-few,” and build a trendy little wardrobe around them.  Layout from Marie Claire Brazil’s March Issue – Julia Faria in “Esportivo Sexy.”