It’s an Ellen von Unwerth Gilded Bohemian Dream Vogue Russia

Everything Ellen von Unwerth touches turns to Fashion-Gold.  I’m a true “disciple,” so swept-up in the “Unwerth-Movement” I often feel like more of a “stalker” than a fan.  Her work is so innovative it inspires a dedicated level of “active-followers,” those of us who want to celebrate her creativity by adding our own little voice to the mix, and keep the “artistic-ball” rolling.  As usual, this prolific photographer finds a way to express the excitement of the upcoming season, without feeling the need to give a typical frilly & fresh “Spring-Layout.”  In the March Issue of Vogue Russia Anais Pouliot plays the part of Ellen’s-Muse in “Making Music,” as they create a baroque/bohemian-dream, filled with layers of textured-fabrics & wild animal-prints. Set in a room filled with vintage style & dripping in gilded-romance, we see that Spring isn’t all about bright neons, once again, it’s all about keeping things relevant through the exercise of re-invention – and to choose wisely – those of whom you allow to inspire you.  “Actively Following” someone implies that you will be involved in the trajectory of the relationship.  You must be in-touch with your own voice and able to articulate your own vision if you are to be a “fashion-soldier,”  if not you will be relegated to the status of “fashion-robot.”  And we all agree that “Reality-Television” has given us enough “robots” masquerading as Artists – we MUST elevate our expectations.  Images via FGR.