Vlada Roslyakova in ‘Sporting Couture’ by Richard Burbridge for Dazed & Confused

Who says Haute-Couture is only for the high-brow fashion elite.  In this spirited layout, Richard Burbridge infuses thought-provoking imagery in his editorial, “Sporting Couture.”  Vlada Roslyakova gets “into position” as she strikes a series of sporting poses for the April issue of Dazed & Confused.  Wearing “fashion-art” from the likes of Chanel, Atelier-Versace and Givenchy, she is accessorized in various forms of sporting-paraphernalia including, boxing gloves, knee pads and tennis shoes.  With the kind of dedicated determinism only possible from a top-notch professional, Vlada proves why modeling is more than a pretty-proposition, it’s all about telling a story.  Each image goes beyond the garb, and “speaks” about female-empowerment and strength. A colorful look at the diverse sides of women, this pictorial has captured my imagination and has me considering all of the untapped power within myself.  Beyond the limited scope of fashion & sports, I see this as a commentary on our modern prospects, and what it will take to achieve them.  This is less a fashion-farce, than a “Philosophical-Challenge,” to those willing to look beyond their own interests.  As women, we are still largely confined by the pressures to fit into one defining “box.”  I see these compelling shots as a challenge to question those boundaries.  Are they put on by society alone, or are we complicit?  Within each frame below, Vlada seems to exude the strength it would require to survive an inner-journey toward the goal of self-discovery/realization. Fashion editorials are works of art, meant to be analyzed and internalized.  This is where Richard Burbridge’ compelling work has led me – where does it lead you?