Hunter & Gatti’s “Drive” Mixes High/Low Style in Vogue Spain

This “American Woman” definitely has what I need.  With looks that strike the perfect balance between high-end/casual, the stunning Auguste Abeliunaite shows us hows it’s done in the April issue of Vogue Spain. Set against a dusty country back-road, photographers Hunter & Gatti use the environment’s natural textures as a metaphor for Spring’s “love-affair” with layering.  Comprised of mixing genres, styles & prices, this trend is nothing less than a well chosen fashion hodge-podge.  Knowing how to pair a sequined Prada Jacket with a buttoned-down denim shirt, or wide-legged ornate Balmain pants with a vintage concert-tee, is deceptively challenging, but can be learned.  Just as I’ve been preaching about honing our instinct-skills for the popular “Cross-Printing” trend, this is yet another styling-process that relies largely on the dresser’s own personal instinct.  It may go against everything you were taught, but your next chicest outfit may involve mixing your beloved leather jacket with a favorite Spring dress, or your classic work-blazer with a pair of screaming red skinny-jeans.  The whole concept requires rethinking your wardrobe and how you approach dressing. Nothing is off limits, once you get into the groove, you may find yourself pilfering through your boyfriend’s closet for your next great inspiration.  The act of putting opposite fashions together can be addicting, it’ll bring out your style-rebel, and you’ll feel like a whole new fashion-world is available to you.  But be warned, “tacky” is just around the corner, waiting to make you believe it’s cool.  In the end, it’s still the discerning eye that wins. The secret to this look, is that while it may appear to be laid-back/casual, it’s success still depends on well thought-out strategic choices.  Simply throwing together juxtaposed styles don’t make for a great match.  Take a lesson from the outfits below, each one is cooler than the last, with inspired combinations of clothing & accessories.  They look at once, divinely casual and perfectly put-together – Fashion Harmony – and 100% copy worthy.