How to Update Your Spring Makeup With “Pastel Beauty”

Koray Birand takes Spring Pastels to another level with “Pastel Beauty” in the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar Turkey.  Bathed in tints of this Season’s favorite subtle hues, Katrin Thormann’s other-worldly beauty is the perfect “canvas” to update our Spring-Nude look.  Using a wash of soft matte-pastels across the eye-lids and a hint of taupe liner against the upper/lower lashes, we can create a stunning “Future-Eye” – that when done right – can define the eyes in such a way that no mascara is required.  For the truly brave among us, the “no-brow” look can add some serious edge, and make you full-on “Runway-Ready,” but if you’re attached to the brows you have, just try a lighter shade of powder or pencil.  This will give you the same “future-appeal,” but give your face a whole new shape.  Then to top things off you must find the perfect “soft-pink” lip.  If you go too girlie-pink you’ll end up in 60’s “baby-doll” territory, but if you go too nude, you risk having your face appear washed-out.  So my suggestion here is to spend a little extra time and money to search out the best product.  My first choice would be Chanel, followed by Smashbox, Tarte or Nars.  But the most important part of the cheek or lip color you choose is that is looks fresh & full, without the aid of sparkle or sheen.  What gives this style a unique feel is how all the features on the face stand-out – without sparkles or heavy gloss – giving it an aire of decadence and sophistication, but still looking super fresh/trendy.  Leave the heavy-handed application for next Fall, this Spring is all about being Bathed in Beautiful – a simple wash of color can take you from frumpy to fabulous.  Images via FGR.