Katy Perry Leaves Behind her “Teenage Dreams” for Interview Magazine

A severe departure from her typical “bubbly” image, Katy Perry leaves behind her “Teenage Dreams,” and gives us an evolved picture of a complex woman in the March Issue of Interview Magazine.  These shots seem to reflect a woman who has suffered, and is willing to share that with her audience.  In front of Mikael Jansson’s lens, it’s as if she is simultaneously channeling some of the greatest “beautiful-tragedies” of our time.  With a combination of Elizabeth Taylor, Amy Winehouse, and Marilyn Monroe – Katy seems to be tapping into the passion/pain that both defined & destroyed them. Allowing some of her own darkness out, we see a new side to the “Pop-Star,” promising projects that go beyond her typical upbeat anthems.  I find myself drawn to the avant-garde beauty of this pictorial, but also to the possibilities it represents. We are witnessing the potency of a true artist and the potential of her raw power.  I’m not a rapid Katy Perry fan, but I’m routing for anyone willing to expose their suffering for the greater good of the artistic vision.  So while this singer may still be inside the world of “Teenage-Dreams,” it’s clear there’s more to this story. Check-out Kristen Wiig’s Interview with the songstress as she shares details about lost-love, religion and fame.