Go Haute-Hippi with Magdalena Frackowiak in Vogue Russia

In the World of Fashion you have to look back to see forward. The new “bohemian-girl” mixes the spirit of the 70’s with a modern Parisian flair, making for an ultra-sexy Spring 2012 version, as seen here in the April issue of Vogue Russia. Caught up in the Rapture of the Ravenous. Magdalena Frackowiak spends the afternoon in a downtown bar where photographers, Claudia Knoepful & Stefan Indlekofer, capture the afternoon shadows as they fall across her face. Allowing the setting sun to light the way, this shoot becomes a metaphor for the natural-evolution of fashion trends. The best way to approach the reinvention of a vintage style, is to take a wholly fresh approach. Just as we see the magic that is created by the natural-light flooding into the bar. We know when it comes to creating, it’s best to work with the universal-elements as opposed to fighting against them. Forced creations are transparent and ultimately false. Unless you have something innovative to add to an already existing trend, why put it out there. What I love about this interpretation of “hippi-chic’ is that it’s less about fringe and more about flow, making for a legitimate updated fashion statement. It feels like a authentic step from the last cycle of bohemian, offering a fresh point-of-view for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. I’m completely mesmerized by the hair/makeup styling, and really feel those choices are what’s adding to the fashion-forward feel of the entire vision – making for the ultimate picture of a “Haute-Hippi.” Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.