Numéro Magazine #131 Explodes With Karl Lagerfeld’s “Neon-Vision”

Karl Lagerfeld’s vision was truly realized with this issue, creating images that make “Couture” feel cool and approachable, unlike some kind of avant-garde “museum pieces.”  Fashion is a place of constant movement and ecclect-mastery.  To keep up with the change, it becomes incumbent on the designers to be ever vigilant in how they present their work.  Continuing down the “path” of his second-calling, photography, as he turns in 3 stellar Covers for the March Issue of Numéro Magazine #131.  Creating a vision of “Neon-Nights,” the all black covers are lit up like the Tokyo night-sky.  Aymeline Valade and Daria Strokous are a double-vision on their cover, as they stand back-to-back & bathed in the glow of white light, while Saskia de Brauw looks supremely elegant in beaded-black.  However, the true stand-out of the 3 is Karlie Kloss,  looking like some kind of other-worldy dream on her cover, with “Alien-Appeal” so dynamic and profound – it took my breath away.