In Spring’s Hottest Looks Emily Blunt is “One Cool Customer”

There is no doubt that Emily Blunt is a rare breath of fresh air in the normally stifled world of A-list Hollywood.  And regardless of her “cult-appeal,” and affinity for flying under the radar, this young actress is on the fast-track for “Oscar” contention.  Having burst on the scene in the most dynamic way imaginable, this chameleon managed to show-off her thespian chops in the middle of the fashion-explosion know as “The Devil Wears Prada,” and if that wasn’t enough, was able to shine while acting with Meryl Streep. With talent to spare, she often chooses to star in “indie-films,” making it clear she isn’t about to “sell-out” any time soon, and actually proving there’s still hope for Hollywood.  I see Emily Blunt as a true artist who’s talent will only grow with time, but who’s ego probably will not – now that’s refreshing!  Stunning in some of this season’s chicest trends, Peter Hapak captures her unique beauty for Time’s Style & Design Spring Issue, proving she is definitely “One Cool Customer.”