Go From Pretty to Pop With Self-Service’ S/S Issue

Time to get your heart pumping with Self Service Magazine’s Ode to Colors-Rich, in their 2012 Spring/Summer Issue.  With images saturated in vibrant-pops of glossy, bold colors, Theo Wenner’s Beauty-Story is an edgy diversion from Spring’s typical pale-pastels.  Proving that 80’s-Inspiration is still alive & kickin’ – models Lindsey Wixson, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Frida Gustavsson, Patricia van der Vliet and Emily Baker are the perfect modern-day Pop-Princess’.  This season’s “Jewel-Tones” are an invitation to edgy, with makeup that is all about standing out.  Save your “natural-look” for another day, this is cool-girl’s style realized.  These shades are all about confidence, finding your inner “Super-Star” and empowering her to take “center stage.”  And while taking this creative to the extreme is drama-defined, there are many ways to implement this “color-story” without looking like you’re waiting for a “curtain-call.”  Like every other trend this Spring, it’s all about finding the balance between Inspiration & Reality.  Every picture below can be “edited-down” to still capture the spirit of the look, without the literal interpretation.  So don’t be afraid to have a little fun playing with color combinations, you never know what might take you from Pretty to POP.  Images via Fashion Copious.