Visit the “Electric Circus” With Cross-Printing Trends from Flare Magazine

Well it seems as if my “Cross-Printing” predictions have come true.  Chris Nicholl’s latest work, “Electric Circus” celebrates the fine art of mixing prints.  What appears to be creative-chaos is actually perfectly balanced patterns, masquerading as random selections.  I often say this kind of dressing isn’t for the fashion-novice. Anyone can throw together crazy pieces, it’s takes a level of style-sophistication to strike a fashion-forward balance when playing with extreme pattern choices.  It may appear to be about “shock-value,” but there must be a high level of harmony for “Cross-Printing” to be considered a success.  This process requires a fined-tuned sense of sartorial-instinct to get it right.  You must integrate style, shape & color when attempting this look, because in the end, it may come down to a fight between your eyes & your head.  Your brain may be telling you that mixing certain prints would be a sure “fashion-disaster,” while your eyes may tell you something all together different.  “Cross-Printing” is all about fine-tuning your fashion-instincts, listening to your inner style-voice, and being willing to take Fashion-Risks.  But remember it’s one small step from Runway-Chic to Grandma’s-Closet, take it slow out there.  Fabulous outfits below from Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Jil Sander – as seen in the April issue of Flare Magazine.