Go “Beyond the Sea” for these Marine-Inspired Fashions in Flare

There’s a fine line between inspire-by and literal-interpretation.  Spring 2012’s Obsession with the Sea, has taken the real-life colors, textures and shapes of the sea, and turned them into modern fashions, dedicated to keeping their natural form in tact.  With looks that mirror the shiny-scales of a fish as they reflect off the water’s surface, or the hypnotic glow of the scales as they dance in unison across a dolphin’s tail – Chris Nicholls has captured the essence of this aquatic-beauty, for the May issue of Flare Magazine.  There is a spirit of purity and stregnth in this clothing, that reminds us of the the ocean.  This year’s “Modern-Mermaid” feels more organic than styles of the past.  In these beautiful shots, designers including – Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs – use a hypnotic mix of blue/green stones, sequins & paillettes to achieve this updated twist, that feels both natural & fashion-forward.  An evolution of style that takes us from the sea to the shore.