Carmen Kass is a “High Plains Drifter” in Vogue Uk by Mario Testino

Carmen Kass sets out on a high-fashion “Vision Quest,” led by the master “seer” himself, Mario Testino, for the May issue of British Vogue.  Seeking the spirit of style, we go where the baron-land meets the azure-sky. There we find our desert-princess, garbed in high-octane future tribal-wear, perfect for a “High Plains Drifter.”  With the vibrancy of neon-life pumping through our veins, we can almost hear the beat of drums as the dynamic mix of colors, shapes, textures and prints, come together, in a joyous ceremony of culture & style.  Dancing under the mid-day sun, the luscious fabrics reflect against the light – evoking the spirit of united passion and artistic celebration – reminding us that the power of fashion lives in the majesty of history.