Carolyn Murphy is a “Gold Digger” in W Magazine by Emma Summerton

Carolyn Murphy shows us how to be a “Gold Digger,” in the April issue of W magazine.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I must confess that I’ve been blessed with super-fair, ultra-sensitive skin that hasn’t “seen” a real tan for years.  The only benefit to my skin-situation, is that I am reaping some rewards, for being forced out of the sun at an early age.  While many of my friends enjoy basking in the rays every chance they get, they are facing more issues related to sun-damage.  And while I’ll take every bit of wrinkle prevention I can get, it’s little consolation, when everyone is running around bronzed & beautiful during the Summer months.  So I, like many others, rely on the perfect product-regime to get my “tan-on.”  Carolyn Murphy shows us how to get that amped-up healthy-glow, by choosing the right combination of gold, coral and bronze, with makeup that will have them wondering, “is it real or faux?”  Images via