Delight in Pink This Spring in “Charlotte for Free” in Numéro

Everything’s coming up girlie, with the princess of pink, Charlotte Free.  In pastels as far as the eye can see, Eric Guillemain captures a combination of petal-soft & cool-edge, in the editorial “Charlotte for Free,” for the April issue of Numéro Tokyo.  In Spring looks featuring feathers, pleats, leather & lace – these styles from Balenciaga, Prada, Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton are the perfect feminine-fashions for this kitchy layout.  Taking a cue from Ms. Free, we can embrace this season’s “love-affair” with Pink, and still keep things looking cool, by staying away from the sticky-sweet bubble-gum shades.  So have fun, but keep it real – and keep things on the fashion-tip – aint nothin’ cute about too cute!!