Felicity Jones in Marcus Ohlsson’ “La Dolce Vita”

In the May issue of Marie Claire US, British actress Felicity Jones is the perfect “Lady” in looks from Dolce & Gabbana.  In a variety of white outfits, with lace & embroiderer trim, these retro-inspired fashions make for a refreshing statement this Spring.  There is nothing sweeter that a delicate little dress for a Summer’s day, and nothing that makes your makeup Pop, like and all-white ensemble.  Highlighting the ease of color, Marcus Ohlsson’ “La Dolce Vita” celebrates a new take on an old concept.  The modern-day “Ladies that Lunch,” aren’t about uptight socialites anymore, it’s about youth & freshness.  This vibrant rainbow of color on her eyes, is the light-touch of the future.  Felicity’s beauty is all the update – with all the right shades in all the right places.