Sarah Gadon in ‘The Amazing Lace’ by Chris Nicholls for Flare Magazine

Showing us how to win “The Amazing Lace,” this Spring, Sarah Gadon goes a little fabric-crazy in the May issue of Flare Magazine.  The beautiful Canadian actress takes this typically feminine look, and gives it some edge, with a variety of trendy styles that will leave you “lusting for lace.”  With a little avant-garde twist, Chris Nicholls finds a way to mix/match high-end pieces from Dolce & Gabbana and Prada, with the more affordable “TopShop” items – proving you don’t have to spend a million to look like it.  And while this clothing choice should be used sparingly, for best results, we see that this aint’ your grandma’s “lace-doily” look.  This is high-chic fun, with very cool fashionable additions that will amp-up any Spring outfit (if done right).  Find ways to incorporate a hint of trim, mesh or lace into your ensemble, in the least obtrusive way.  Don’t build an entire outfit around one piece, just throw it in the mix, and it will either work or it won’t.   This is what I like to call “Crap-Shoot” dressing.  There are some styles that should be left up to the “Fashion-Gods.”  When it comes to things like lace, the best philosophy is to not try too hard.  I come from the belief that some fashion-statements will just happen.  Don’t go searching, if you are meant to have a cute little vintage-jacket in your wardrobe, it will find you.  I promise, this is the type of trend that can’t be pushed, it’s not for everyone (hello, a helpful rule in other areas of life as well, but I’ll save that for later).  It’s called a “transparent-trend,” and it will “call you out” if you try to force something that doesn’t work.  So wait for that special thing to come your way, or you might find yourself in Madonna circa ’85 “Desperately Seeking Susan” territory.  Like with anything that could be considered funky, fetish or freaky – just proceed with caution – and listen to your instinct.