How to Get Runway-Ready Hair Like Sigrid Agren in W Korea

Spice things up with “Runway-Ready” hair, that can be adapted from the Catwalk to the Sidewalk. Sigrid Agren’ steal-worthy hair, is a look I call, “the flat-top explosion,” a style that will add some serious “couture-cred” to your life.  Versions of this hair have been recycled over the years, but with the addition of soft-wavy curls, like these in Dusan Reljin’ layout for W Korea, making the “real-world” transition finally seems an option. I’ve coveted this style for so long, I’m thrilled to attempt to make it part of my beauty routine this Spring/Summer. With a few tweaks, I think this could work for “day-time” chic, as well as, high-end evening. For fine hair (like mine), I would suggest that you part it down the middle after washing, then add a generous amount of mousse or thickening product – through the entire length – and place a braid half-way down on either side.  For best results, sleep on it, then remove the braids in the morning.  Don’t brush anything out. Give it a few shots of curling-spray, then gently break it up with your finger.  What you should be left with is a flat top and kinky bottom.  Then while you’re putting on your face, grab a few thick sections on the bottom, splash with curling spray, and roll-up/pin to head.  Then take a few of the remaining pieces and hit them with the curling iron.  When everything is out, the end result should be a cool combination of bends, kinks, curls and waves – all working together to create your own wicked version of this Runway-Favorite hair style.  Images via