Lara Stone Channels an 80’s “Power-Bitch” In Vogue Turkey

For this In-Your-Face cover/editorial, Lara Stone mixes it up for the April issue of Vogue Turkey. Trading in her signature blonde locks, Cuneyt Akeroglu follows as she takes a trip down the dark-side, wearing a dangerously-cool, rockabilly styled wig.  Channeling the “Power-80’s,” Lara’s makeup is from a time when no feature was left out.  With black-rimmed eyes, racing striped cheeks and full-blown glossy red lips – this is hard-core makeup – that requires a hard-core attitude. However, with her trademark no-brows look, Lara brings a modern-vibe to this heavy-duty beauty story.  Add to it some of this Spring’s coolest “color-blocking” styles, and stand-out accessories, and you’ve got yourself one wicked fashion event.  So find a happy medium in these images, and you’ll be able to channel your own 80’s “Power-Bitch” this season. Images via