Lindsay Ellingson’s Lost in the Heartbeat of the City in “Love Story” for Interview Russia

Finding her way through the cult-fashions of 80’s underground rock, Lindsay Ellingson portrays a girl lost in the “heart-beat of the city,” in Guy Aroch’ “Love Story,” for the May Issue of Interview Russia.  Paired with Victor Leclerc, the “Victoria’s Secret” model loses her wings, for a shoot that has her exploring the seedier side of life, and the beauty of the urban “under-belly.”  Punk-inspired pink locks and vintage-style fashion, is illuminated under the artistic direction of prolific photographer, Guy Aroch.  His use of natural light adds cinematic scope to this story about the power of love & loss, tangled in the wicked-web of youth.  There is something treachourous & beautiful about this couples yearning for freedom, and something wildly mesmerizing about the certainty of their impending doom.  Finding the pulse of humanity and depicting it in modern images, elevates the “Art of Fashion,” and reminds us of it’s relevance & contribution to popular culture.