How to Re-Invent the Color-Wheel with Mario Sorrenti

Illustrating the Power-Pop of Spring, Mario Sorrenti Goes “Full Color” on this face-canvas, for the May 2012 issue of Vogue Paris.  Getting up-close & personal, Sorrenti uses the exquisite curves of Natasha Poly’s face to make his beauty-statement.  With a vibrant mix of primaries & pastels, it’s clear this season is a total free-for-all.  We are witnessing a unique blend of palettes, including glossy-reds & pastel-purples (below), unlike we’ve ever seen.  This “fashion-forward” movement, is making leaps/bounds in the world of everyday makeup.  It’s always been an unwritten rule that a “chic-girl” never wears a bold-lip & bold-eye simultaneously, we’ve been trained to believe that this is the ultimate in trashy-tacky. However, there may be a world of chic waiting to be devoured, in the form of new/fresh color-combinations. Just as we’ve re-defined the terms of “Power-Layering,” allowing us to mix/match prints, textures, styles and price-points ect. – it may be time to re-invent the “color-wheel.”  Let’s get this straight, this isn’t an invitation to get your fabulous “drag-queen” on – this is about stretching the “Art of Beauty.”  While we are constantly trying to push the limits of Ready to Wear fashion, we often forget about Ready to Wear makeup.  There is never a shortage of avant-garde beauty-strides being made on the runway, but there tends to be a re-hashing of “real-world” makeup trends, season after season. We have to fill the cavernous-space between high-fashion beauty, and everyday “real-world” beauty, with new takes on old ideas.  So if you find yourself in a personal product-rut, it may be a reflection on the greater Fashion-Industry’s rut.  Giving us an ultra-modern take on makeup, Mario Sorrenti turns Spring’s “pretty little colors” upside-down, forcing us to see them in a new way.  Makeup Artist Karim Rahman, by L’Oreal Beauty.