“Queen Victoria” Rules All in Harper’s UK by Camilla Akrans

Looking like a cross between a young Jackie O’ & Elizabeth Taylor, only Victoria Beckham could make “retro” feel so modern.  Stunning in vintage-inspired looks from Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Rochas and Jimmy Choo, this very busy mother of 4, comes to life in Camilla Akran’s “Queen Victoria” –  for the May Issue of British Harper’s Bazaar.  This “Super-Woman,” has managed to make the (very rare) successful leap to fashion-design, where she continues to gather more “followers,” who long to dress in her coveted, VB line.  With her signature straight-lines and architectural-shapes, her clothing isn’t about following trends, it’s about staying true to her aesthetic.  There is no question that she is her own muse, however, it just so happens that we all want to dress like her – so it works out perfectly.  For more info on this Super-Star phenomenon, check-out the Jubilee Issue.