Kendra Spears Goes to the Fashion-Edge in Numéro #132

Sebastian Kim takes us to the fashion-edge, with yet another daring editorial for Numéro #132.  “Je t’aime moi non plus” gives us a peek behind the iron gates, in a layout that will have you questioning, “what’s it all for?”  With Kendra Spears’ sturdy-beauty to guide the way, Kim dips his toe in the avant-garde pool, with these edgy shots that give us a layered & complex look at the dark side of “The Beautiful Life.”  With many roads of interpretation open to the viewer, his fashion-stories are “mine-fields” of deep thoughts & philosophical leaps.  Offering the viewer an exciting opportunity to engage, his pieces aren’t meant to be placid, they are an interactive experience.  This master photographer seeks to inspire us to always be looking beyond the page, for in-depth contemplation & excited conversation.