Alice Rosati 50’s-Inspired Fashions in “Sucré Salé” for Gioia

Sofya Titova is a Retro-Dream, as she lights up the Italian Riviera with bright Spring looks from Prada, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.  Perfectly coiffed from head-to-toe, each outfit is complete, right down to the matching “lady like” beauty/accessories details.  Alice Rosati creates cinematic appeal in the current issue of Gioia Magazine, with each image capturing the pure essence of the “sweet life.”  Always ready for her close-up, Sofya embodies the spirit of a globe-trotting socialite, using every moment as a potential fashion photo-op.  With an ode to “50’s-chic,” each look celebrates the era’s fascination with crocheted pieces, brocade-fabric and gingham-patterns – all presented in exquisite style, with clean-lines & form-fitted shapes.