Feel The Raw Power of Keira Knightley in Interview Magazine

With one fatal fashion-blow, Keira Knightley knows how to come out and kill-it with a layout so amazing, she puts her piers to shame.  In the over-saturated world of Hollywood, this A-list actress knows that quantity doesn’t trump quality, and that screaming doesn’t mean you’ll get heard. Everything about this amazing artist says discerning, and skeptical – in the best possible way.  As we have systematically given up our “artistic-standards” for the collective pursuit of fast-fame, the result has been the tragic loss of quality-work and true-talent.  Then along comes a beauty so unique, statues could be built in her honor, yet she refuses to rest on her “Face.”  In an atmosphere that would surely reward her generously for much less work, Keira always chooses the “Road Less Traveled.”  Known for her epic period pieces, this gifted thespian never takes the easy route when in comes to her work, always going deeper and giving more.  It’s that “old-school” mentality about the willingness to sacrifice.  You can feel it in any one of her films, what she has left behind. At a time when you never know if what you’re looking at is real, this beautiful creature is 100% authentic.  I look at these dynamic images from Mert & Marcus, for the April cover/editorial of Interview Magazine, and all I can think is…It was worth the wait.  While we might get hungry for a hit of Keira now and then, I applaud her for taking her time between layouts.  Just like her films, she seems to apply the same thoughtful process to her images.  And because of that, I consider her to be a true fashion-forward force.  And while there is no denying that this combination of beauty & talent is truly rare, I still wholly admire her depth of conviction.  If there was ever an actress who could “sell-out,” this is the one, however, I predict a long and illustrious film career – with a few epic pictorials thrown in to keep her adoring fans (yes that would be me) happy.  So in other words…Take notes b&%ches, this is how it’s done.