Take a Chance Make a Beauty Change With Alla Kostromicheva in “The Seductress”

Alla Kostromicheva’s features pop against her newly blonde locks, featured on the May cover of Harper’s Bazaar Mexico.  Playing “The Seductress,” for JM Ferrater, the stunning “bombshell” seems quite comfortable in her “new-skin,” showing off a flurry of flirty dresses, from such “body-masters” as, Herver Leger, Blumarine and Gucci.  And proving that feeling sexy is only a few color choices away, Alla finishes the look with a combination of “fire-engine red” lips, and “sky-blue” eyes.  So find your “bigger is better” moment this Spring, and try a few over-the-top changes, that are guaranteed to get you a second glance.  The reality is that many of us walk around in a constant “beauty-rut.”  Without risk there can be no reward.  In the world of beauty, most “changes” fall into the temporary category, and even those that require a certain level of commitment, either grow-out or wear-off.  Most of us are so afraid of transition we hold onto to our hair/makeup regime, regardless of our level of satisfaction.  I’m guilty of it, I hold on to my long hair like a baby with a blanket.  But one look at these dynamic images reminds me how easy it is to mix things up, and how great the potential pay-off.  So take a chance and make a change this season…remember, it’s only skin-deep.