Victoria Beckham Graces Cover of Harper’s Bazaar Uk & i-D Spring

This Spring Victoria Beckham has graced the cover of many big issues including Harper’s Bazaar UK, Harper’s Bazaar China, Madame Figaro and i-D’s Pre-Spring edition.  And with each new layout she brings something more inspiration that the last.  The bottom line is that if you are the kind of girl that gets Victoria B, then you’re just a certain kind of fashion-girl.  And for those of us “V-Bots,” we wait with baited breath for her next move.  We aren’t the “fanatics” of the Spice Girls era, we are a very specific group of the fashion-obsessed, that fell in love with the first VB Collection, and never looked back.  For me, Victoria is a kind of high-end “fashion-barbie,” a real live “doll” that actually designs pieces that are pure perfection.  I don’t mind that she designs for herself, it’s part of her charm.  And the fact that she is so utterly unapologetic about it, makes me love her even more.  She’s one cool British-Bi&%h – and I love it.  And nothing points to her ability to be a trend-setter more than this fabulous editorial for the Pre-Spring issue of i-D Magazine.  Giving a completely fresh perspective to 60’s-chic, she wears a half-bouffant – with a combination of a low-pony or a side-bun – and it’s genius.  Giving us an updated “Beatnik” vibe (look it up – it’s worth it), she doing what she does best with these images, giving everything a super-modern edge.  And the signature “Beckham-Pout” makes everything that much more desirable.  Her “I don’t give a f&*K attitude,” works like reverse-psychology.  So while all the petty, mundane followers out there will continue to pick her apart for her skinny body, or her “smile-less” face –  think she’s a brilliant business woman, and a fashion-forward hero.