‘A Scanner Darkley’ by Daniel Jacson for Dazed & Confused

The works of fashion-illustrator René Gruau, are the inspiration for this rebellious attempt at re-imagining the confines of mixed-media, for the June issue of Dazed & Confused.  Daniel Jackson blends two-worlds in the futuristic, fashion-fantasy, “A Scanner Darkly.”  In this series drawings come to life, having transformed into some mutant chain of fashion heroes, part human part graphic character. In true avant-garde style, this multi-dimensional mad-house, features images that are literally jumping off the page. Ava Smith, Codie Young & Madison Headrick are transformed by makeup artist, Yadim, in a complete physical metamorphosis. This layout is a severe departure from static-denial, and a beautiful commitment to the caustic-chaos of High Art.  Always on the cutting-edge, D&C continues to explore uncharted territory, and lead the way for the next fashion-forward movement.