Abbey Lee Kershaw Goes “Pop” Fashion for Greg Kadel, Numéro

Always blurring the lines between fashion & art, Greg Kadel creates a new genre, “playful-avant-garde,” for the June Issue of Numéro Magazine.  By infusing edgy images with a multi-color, high-dimension “Pop-Art” theme, the two worlds collide, for beautifully arresting results.  Taking advantage of their crazy-chemistry, Abbey Lee Kershaw comes alive for the genius photographer, with yet another layout that will have you asking, “is the magazine the new art-gallery?”  Breaking through the wall of silence , Mel Kadel’ neon-illustrations have been over-layed on the black/white shots, adding a dynamic force of vibrancy & controlled-chaos. Teased into submission, you will find yourself “pulled-in” to the images, and becoming one with the art.  This delicious “eye candy” will infuse just the right amount of “style-static” into your life, and force you to – wake up and read between the lines. Images via FGR