Catch Color-Blocking in Vogue Mexico’ “Sexy Spring Style”

Catch the “color-blocking” vibe for Spring, from Kevin Sinclair’ super-saturated looks in the June issue of Vogue Mexico.  With pink painted hair-tips, models Katarina Ivanovska & Valeria Dmitrienko take this season’s love affair with color to next-level chic.  This trend is anything but cartoonish,  it’s all about catching the eye with bold-shine & keeping it with clean lines.  It’s what I call, “The Slow Seductress.”  Not all styles are for-gone conclusions, some take a low-burn simmer to win you over, Color-Blocking is just that trend. Many will cast this off as “flirting” with avant-garde, but this is actually perfect for the pastel-phobic among us.  It allows you to pick solid pieces that you can integrate into your wardrobe, without committing to an extreme change.  Start with a universally flattering color, like bright blue, and you will be surprised at how much “Pop-Power” you get.  Before you know it, you may be looking to add vibrant yellow accessories, or bright pink pumps to your ensemble.  Remember, you can’t get to Fashion-Fabulous without having an open-mind.  Images via