How to Enjoy Summer without Damaging Your Future Beauty

Summer brings with it a whole new set of beauty stress, not the least of which, is how to protect yourself against the sun’s damaging rays.  So before you get your “Sun-Goddess” on, here’s a few tips n’ tricks to deal with nature’s force.  Ultimately –  the best protection is preparation – and when it comes to the assaulting powers of water/heat, planning is your best defense.  While we all love the fantasy of chillin’ by the pool/beach, we know that without the right products/accessories – our dream day can turn into a nightmare.  So instead of finding yourself up the proverbial creek, have a “Summer-Strategy.” While nothing tops the need for a strong sunblock, your skin isn’t the only vulnerable area on your body.  Many of us forget about our hair during the Summer, opting instead to believe we are going for the “carefree” beach look.  A style derived from allowing your hair to dry naturally, after exposing it to the relentless heat of the direct sun & the harsh elements of salt-water or chlorine. While this can feel very natural, the reality is by the end of the season you may be facing a fried-up mess.  A great way to fight the elements, is to use your “beach time” for deep conditioning. Prior to going out in the sun, slather your hair with a deep-moisturizing mask, and then put it in a tight braid for the day.  The braid with keep it from the ‘tangle-cycle’ (the biggest culprit of breakage), and the conditioner is like lotion for the hair.  Another great option is to bring a detangling spray with you.  Every time you get out of the water, douse your locks with a conditioning detangler, and then slick your hair back in a low-pony or a braid.  Not only will this protect your precious color, it one of Summer’ sexiest looks, very “Bain de Soleil” circa 1980.  So gather a Summer-Arsenal – with other staples including, a wide-brimmed hat, at-least 1 fabulous suit-cover, glare-proof sunglasses & lip tint/gloss with spf – I promise you’ll save a whole lot on Botox later. These months are all about enjoying your youth with out selling out your Skin’s-Future.  So adopt a new mantra this season…Protect/Plan/Prepare – it’s not just for the bedroom anymore.   Images via Fashion Gone Rogue – Caroline Corinth by Seiji Fujimori for the June issue of Marie Claire Spain.