Miles Aldridge’s Seductive Use of Color with Eniko Mihalik for Vogue Italia

I’ve coined the term ‘Color-Posturing’ for Miles Aldridge‘ genius talent for color placement & seductive use of saturation.  These aren’t just any combination of vibrant images.  These are strategic elements of texture, style, shape & hue, bouncing off each other in a brilliant symphony of interplay, all working in “concert” to achieve these eye-popping results.  This unique kind of “enviro-styling” takes the components of the immediate space, and considers them as part of the complete ensemble when planning a layout. There is never a pattern, shadow, shape or material that isn’t used toward the creative goal.  Aldridge’s ability to bring the mundane to life, is what makes him stand out in a sea of Spring-Neon.  Proving my point, the stunning Eniko Mihalik jumps off the multi-dimensional, richly-layered, highly-colorful, deeply-saturated page – in this gorgeous editorial for the May issue of Beauty in Vogue Italia.