A “Fashion Forward Fantasy” Nana Strand in Vogue Japan

Ditch the Glitz and get on board with this season’s hottest trend, I’m calling, Sassy-Casual.  There is nothing more important than having a solid foundation of comfortable, flattering clothing when facing down the long/hot Summer.  In this “Fashion Forward Fantasy,” Nana Strand shows off some of this season’s most appealing options for day-wear, in the May issue of Vogue Japan.  When wearing simple designs, finding ways to add delicious Pops of Color, is what’s going to save any outfit from ending up in the “boring” pile. Adding a canary yellow scarf or bright-colored bangles, is a sure-fire way to amp up light-wear, while bold items would better benefit from the crisp accents of solid-white accessories.  So while we see there’s many ways to stand-out in the crowd, the real lesson here is one of opportunity.  There’s a world of chic between fabulous and frumpy, and a million ways to embrace the ‘Sassy-Casual’ look.  Don’t get so obsessed with high-end fashion that you forget about the power of looking young & fresh.  Just mix in a few statement pieces with a few of your favorite staples and you’ve got yourself a stylish wardrobe.