Let the Power of Prints Energize You this Spring Maryna Linchuk for Vogue Japan

Maryna Linchuk guides us on a fashion-tour through this Spring’s wildest print combos, for the June issue of Vogue Japan.  Showing us that the “Party Begins as Sunrise,” Pierpaulo Ferrari  follows our style-guide as she illustrates the power of print, against the vibrant, blue backdrop of seashore.  On a fight for the most fabulous, this master-mix of bold-patterned looks from Ferragamo, Pucci, Prada and more, are proof positive of this trend’s momentum this season.  In the hands of the right designers, what could come off as cartoon or kitch, reads as high-style fun on the high-seas.  The key to this styling, is embracing a head-to-toe theme, this is a “go big or go home” choice.  So if you’re gonna go for over-size prints with screaming colors to match, there is no reason to stop as the clothes.  Take the extra step and make is a real fashion-moment. Finding the perfect sassy wedge shoe, with the wicked little wicker-bag & huge flower hair-accessory to match, can take you from everyday pretty to runway-worthy.  And top things off with a splash of blue across the lids, and a hint of pink-gloss to your lips, you will be “Popping” all day long.