Camilla Akrans’ Sensual Layout ‘In the Realm of the Senses’

‘In the Realm of the Senses,’ a zaftig goddess appears to define the new parameters of sensuality, in the June issue of Vogue Germany.  Camilla Akrans captures Candice Huffine’s curves with the precision of a master, in this dynamic layout that combines the raw-prowess of Sophia Loren, and untamed-beauty of Elizabeth Taylor.   Unlike sexuality, sensual-style is a look that starts from the inside and builds out – it can’t be forged.  A unique female stance that requires a connection to one’s own body/self before it can reflect outward.  As young girls we learn early on how important it is to please other people with our bodies – namely men.  A “training” that extends throughout our lives, many of us believe we are nothing except a reflection of other people’s perceptions of us.  This, I believe, to be the basis for endless body & mind issues, and can be the seed from which self-hate can grow. We must stop this negative messaging from generating through generations like so much toxic-waste, and replace it with a picture of positive power.  Do not allow pop-culture to determine how we view ourselves, or how we measure our own growth.