Achieve Fashion Fusion with Cross-Trending Skills in Exit

Julia Frauche plays a heavy metal hottie in this high-fashion game of twisted-steal & sex-appeal, for Exit Magazine’s Summer 2012 Issue.  Finding  a balance between edged-out cool and high-end chic, Benny Horne attempts to flush out the fashion in his pictorial, ‘Ultraviolet.’  Set against the dusty backdrop of a junk-yard, this layout examines the sartorial skill of cross-trending.  Style-synthesized, this is all about the ultimate goal of fashion-fusion.  Think of it as contrary-dressing.  Placing pieces with their antithetical extremes may sound crazy, but with the right eye, can result in an ensemble masterpiece.  Draped over the carcasses of rusting automobiles, we see the details of these designs take shape in ways we could never imagine.  Sometimes it’s between the play of opposites that we can see the brilliance of originality. It’s the power of juxtaposition. Extremes can offer their counterparts a unique kind of spotlight, that is not available in a cohesive atmosphere.  This has long been known by the elite to be the secret-weapon of styling.  However, like all good things, this concept can easily be abused.  Don’t assume an automatic “street-chic” vote just ’cause you throw diametrically opposed items together.  This kind of mix/match is all about finesse.  It requires just as much restraint, as boldness.  And that’s the secret.  Many believe that cult-status is found in direct relation to how far one is willing to wander outside of the box.  And while there is no doubt that this is a game of bravery, it starts first and foremost with creativity & confidence.  For nothing really amazing can happen without these ingredients.  It takes more than “throwing sh&% together and hoping it sticks.”  This trend is about the art of fine-tuning.  Whether it’s styles, shapes, patterns or price-points – mixing/matching requires a subtle hand, and great taste.  So embrace your roots this season, and add a little high/low infusion to your dressing.  With the right attitude, and the right skill-set, you might stumble across the next best thing.