Karlie Kloss Dance/Models for Steven Meisel in W Magazine

A trained dancer, one gets the sense that this amazing model will always be a ballerina first.  And in the July issue of W Magazine we see her contortion style posing take center stage for famed photographer, Steven Meisel.  With limbs that seem to span eternity, Karlie Kloss learned to deal with her stunning height (she comes in at 6’1″) by becoming efficient in the art of control.  Not to be taken lightly, the skills that come with intense ballet are nothing less than a “PHD” in body-awareness.  And for the burden that comes with being very tall, we might see where that could come in very handy.  Finding the balance between gravity and grace isn’t easy for anyone, but when you add in an extra 6-8 inches, it seems downright impossible.  But not for Karlie, taking advantage of every last genetic gift, she is fully aware (right down to her fingernails) how her body will translate on film.  And with this knowledge she is able to fill each frame with the poetry of motion. One might call this contrived, but I know (from experience) how a history in dance can enhance your performance.  It can be a model’s greatest asset and a photographer’s greatest gift.  And this girl has been endowed with gifts abundant.