Karlie Kloss Defies Gravity in ‘Brazilian Treatment’ by Mario Testino

In a series of Fashion-Vignettes, Mario Testino shows us the beauty of the ‘Brazilian Treatment,’ in the July issue of Vogue US.  Shot in vibrant color, these stunning images are set against the exotic backdrop of South America.  Nestled in the hills of Brazil, a remote luxury spa is the setting for this luscious editorial.  Taking on the channeling of champions, Karlie Kloss embodies a number of diverse characters, with striking aplomb and vibrant appeal.  Exposing her staggering ability to defy gravity, Kloss flies through the air, only to be matched by caked red-clay drying on her nude body.  As she poses against the gaping desert mountains, she looks like a modern statue that has been sculpted out of the hillside mud.  The artistry of Testino’s work vibrates with a kind of natural beauty that’s found when a existential balance exists between man & nature. His work is at one with his surroundings, depicting the perfect synchronicity of a photographer who loves and respects the land around him.