Lily Donaldson’s Pursuit of Perfection in Numéro Magazine

Ben Hassett creates a tempting spectacle of style, in his avant-garde offering for Numéro #134.  A swirling mass of Couture-Contradictions, this hypnotic series tells the tale of a “Living Doll.”  A look at the ‘art of the artifice.’  Draped in some of this season’s most pioneering pieces, Lily Donaldson is a testament to the forward thinking masters of design.  In this esoteric dreamland not all is as it seems.  A plastic picture of perfection seems to belie a deeper truth.  Scarlet red lips cut a swath of denial through a mask of deception. A fuzzy cloak that masquerades the tragedy of truth – a visual veneer of lies, answering only to the ‘God of the Facade.’  Disguising the aching reality of life, these images reflect our endless attempt to erase any evidence of our humanity.  “Cracks” that tell the stories of our lives, above all else, must be eliminated.  This is the fantastical look at the result of such a perverse dream.  Creating works that catapult us down the proverbial ” rabbit hole,” is what allows us to dissect societies madness.  It has always been the job of the modern artist to provide a visual pathway to enlightenment. Only through the exploration of the extreme can we discover our hidden passions, and uncover our progressive instincts.  Human traits that define our intent, and guide our future.