Jessica Brown Findlay Goes Wild for Miles Aldridge in Vogue Italia

I must confess, I’m a hard core Aldridge-Addict always longing for another fix. Known for his special brand of vigorous-vibrancy, he has taken his place as fashion’s reigning, “King of Pop.”  In this brilliant depiction of life inside the fishbowl, Miles Aldridge captures the manic tension of rising celebrity, with British actress, Jessica Brown Findlay.  Someone who is clearly the product of his uniquely-eclectic background, every image seems to pay homage to his artistic genealogy. Dripping with layers of color & drama, each picture feels like it gets you closer to his truth.  Shot like stills in a film, his epic love of cinema bleeds out of every frame, and exposes a man who longs to tell a bigger story.  His work is a complex dance of style & satire, but never takes itself too serious.  A technicolor dreamland, built by the hands of prolific photographer and the heart of a true artist.  Images from the June issue of Vogue Italia.