Querelle Jansen in ‘Chambre Froide’ by Anthony Maule for Numéro Magazine

It’s an all 80’s repertoire, in this fashion-revival so hot, they were forced to cool things down in ‘Chambre Froide’ by Anthony Maule, for the June/July 2012 issue of Numéro Magazine.  In styles that pay homage to the Savage-80’s, Querelle Jansen plays the perfect “Power Bitch” in all her hyper-aggressive glory.  This ball-busting titan-of-style is no fashion-victim, she is a full on Fashion-Hero, and a true avant-garde icon.  With eye-makeup so sharp it will cut you, and shoulder-pads to match, this covet-worthy character embodies everything glorious about in-your-face fashion – and the decade it derived from.  This High-Glam look is an obscene mix of punk-attitude and couture-drama, taken to the extreme.  Love it or leave it, this is beauty that refuses to be watered-down.  A statement that screams excess, without a hint of apology.  This is a symbol of female-empowerment, a portrait of a time when women first attempted to “have it all.”