‘Future Revival’ Vogue Germany Radical Re-Envisioning of Trends

A brilliant fusion of past & present, Vogue Germany performs a Fashion-Resurrection like none I’ve ever seen, in the July 2012 issue.  This ‘Future Revival’ is dedicated to honoring the best of the 80’s, in an eclectic-clash of cool.  With amped-up intentions, Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer introduce a resurgence of popular looks, that have been deconstructed & re-worked, for a progressive take on the ground-breaking styles.  Models Kendra Spears, Melissa Stasiuk and Iris van Berne bring a modern, punk-glam that captures the essence of the era, while paying homage to the unique details of pop-culture history.  This brilliant collaboration of mixed extremes allows for the birthing ground of true fashion evolution.  Combining “Flock of Seagulls” hair with the current trend of “Hair-Painting,” is a genius moment of, “two wrongs make a right.”  This is what fashion is all about, pushing limits and rediscovering the magic of past trends.  Anyone who can’t look back to see forward simply lacks vision.  And living in that kind of “artistic-vacuum” can never lead to true innovation.  This is radical-re-envisioning, and a direction I think the industry should follow.  Taking vintage inspiration to the next level, by really digging in and rediscovering what made the original trend so captivating.  Developing a deeper connection to reference points, in an attempt to keep them relevant, and a source for future designs.  This is “Next-Gen” thinking.  Once the novelty wears off, we all realize our “temporary status.”  If you believe that current looks won’t soon themselves be relegated to the “retro-pack,” you’re living in a narcissistic delusion.  Get on board with the concept of restoration.  Renewing a fashion-statement, through the process of restoration and revitalization, is the definition of fashion-forward.  Art is a marathon, get in the race and grab the baton – so you can add your own contribution to the win.