Saskia de Brauw is a “Helmut Newton” Dream in V Spain by Nathaniel Goldberg

In dynamic lines that require nothing but the purity of form, Saskia de Brauw emerges, a modern ‘Helmut Newton’ dream, in the July issue of V Magazine Spain.  Giving rise to the angular beauty that defines 70’s-inspired swimwear, Nathaniel Goldberg captures the androgynous beauty – in a transformed state of severe-style.  Straight forward chic, these high-fashion bathing suits will put a permanent “bikini-block” on your brain, with stylish silhouettes that redefine sexy.  Not for the artistically impaired, these linear looks are strictly for the creative-elite (those of us who shun the mundane).  Sartorial-Superstars, these VIP’s (very important pieces), require vision and a sizzling sophistication.  A stunning collaboration of color & design, ‘Acua Tica,’ celebrates the best of both worlds.