The Towering Triumph of the Female Form, Robbie Fimmano for Interview Russia

In this year of the Olympiad, a Sculpted-Goddess rises from the ground, like a phoenix rising, in exaltation of female power. In all her supreme glory this stalwart picture of an “iron-maiden” depicts the invincible power of woman. A dynamic creature of complexity, she is at once a warrior and a queen. These towering show the triumph of dignity, artfully depicted by Robbie Fimmano, for the July issue of Interview Russia. In all her noble-splendor, the charms of her sacrifice are found in her never-ending ability to endure. With the countenance of a lioness she fights for what she protects. She is Mother-Earth, a vessel of history and truth, housed in the perfect female-form. Held in the erectness of their posture lives the awe-inspiring light of hope. Lais Ribeiro, Shannan Click and Behati Prinsloo portray the inexhaustible strength of the modern woman.