Andrej Pejic Embodies the Art of Fashion in Vestal Magazine

Nicolas Guerin tames the untamed beauty that is Andrej Pejic, for these masterful works that remind us that perfection is possible.  Celebrating the duality of the spirit, a “Goddess” appears, to lead us on a journey of discovery for the July issue of Vestal Magazine.  In this haunting depiction of the human condition, Guerin captures the the dueling powers of frailty & strength, with the poignancy of black & white photography. Navigating the palatial dreamscape of the mind, I feel the hand of a master leading me through the subconscious, with the potency of an artist inspired.  In his dynamic visions I can see… all of life that exists between the lines.  Echos – of love lost, and hope longing to be found.  Dynamic shades of grey that fill in all of the unanswered questions.  Andrej Pejic is the embodiment of pure beauty, and a modern symbol of emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual freedom.