A Modern Interpretation of Hitchcock Archetypes Angela Lindvall by Jeff Burton

Starring in a little, Cinema-Schizophrenia, Angela Lindvall plays multiple personalities in, ‘Episodes,’ for the August issue of Numéro #135.  In this digital-collage, Jeff Burton pays homage to the great “Heroines of Hitchcock,” and the styles that made them unforgettable.  This retro-collective, represents the pantheon of leading ladies that make this one of the most historically relevant times in celluloid history.  Lindvall channels these character archetypes, through a series of modern interpretations.  With shots that look like stills out of vintage films (Vertigo, Rear Window, This Birds, Psycho), these amazing images capture the fashion of the times and the spirit of the period.  Before you know it, you will find yourself caught up in story lines that don’t exist, hiding from villains that never appear.  This masterful collaboration of fashion & film, provide a hauntingly accurate depiction of the Hitchcock-Era, and the women who ran it.  No mere trip down memory lane, this omni-sensory experience will have you convinced that you’ve traveled back in time.