Arizona Muse is Divine in 25 Magazine by Katja Rahlwes

Slip into the avant-garde reverie of 25 Magazine’s (bi-annual) Summer 2012 issue, with Arizona Muse in, “Wet Apocalypse.”  Turning the mundane into magic, Katja Rahlwes transforms everyday activies into edgy fashion-fodder for the seminal publication.  Watching the neon glow of shaving gel, as it slowly makes its way toward the Louboutin (spike-toe) Pthyon-Stiletto, is pure style-stimulation.  Exacting her revenge on the average, Anja Rubik is following through on her promise that 25 will explore new realms of erotica & sexuality.  This layout delivers, by forcing us to see the ordinary in a new light – and that’s a great step toward breaking down our pre-conceptions  The idea is simple, but the results can be very enticing.  Finding benign elements to artistically exploite is the conduit for creative vision.