Ever the Rebel, Chloë Sevigny Shuns Mediocrity Vogue China

In the immortal words of Dirty Dancing, “Nobody put’s Chloë in the Corner.” Just when you think you’ve seen everything Ms. Sevigny has to offer, you get a huge avant-garde slap in the face, reminding you that she’s only just begun. Chloë Sevigny and Lissy Trullie go “Downtown Chic” in this divine character study, by Danko Steiner for Vogue China. In a world of virtual-reality & pseudo-talent, this amazing actress never needs “creative airbrushing,” because she is Art in Human Form. For every faux artist out there, posturing their way to the top, we only have to look in her direction and hope is restored. Clever, cool, gifted & hip she is the iconoclast-ideal. Ever the rebel & non-conformist, she provides light in the dark night that has become the “Reality Era.”  For many of us Chloë is a measure of standard by which we judge the authenticity and integrity of others. An integral part of the “Hollywood” landscape, we rely on the purity of a few great artists to continue to contribute a level of talent that stands in stark contradiction to the grand impersonators. The industry has cultivated a synthetic community, allowing coveted positions (writers, actors, musicians ect.) to be filled by uneducated, untalented, dispassionate – Fakers. Resulting in what I refer to as the Hi-Rise of Mediocrity. So we depend on our “creative-soldiers,” fighting on the front-lines of pop-culture, dedicating their lives to the propagation of art. They are the Vanguards of the Visionary and Upholders of the Dream. And as someone on that path myself, I will always use the tools at my disposal to acknowledge & celebrate the worth of such unique individuals as, Chloë Sevigny (my original Fashioncow Girlcrush).