Get the Fashion Fix on Fall 2012 Trends in Harper’s Bazaar UK

Let’s do a little style-trekking and trend-tracking through the looks that make up the Fall 2012 Fashion line-up.  Paola Kudacki puts Julia Stegner through the paces, in this thorough “season preview,” for the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK.  After seeing the designs that have made it from the Runway to Realway, my new soundtrack for the season is Stevie Nicks’, “Give to me your leather…take from me… my lace.”  It’s all about the many layers of fabric, texture and color that are coming our way.  From baroque, velvet, leather and lace – the variety of options have never been so abundant.  And with a healthy selection of patterns to match, it’s clear this year is not for the simple crowd.  However, while we are seeing wild embellishments, the looks are still largely decadent & sophisticated.  Opulence is the name of the game.  With Deep ruby-reds & scorching-magentas, to detailed knit-work & luscious fur accessories, everything is very “Downtown Chic” meets “East-Coast Edge.”  Gone are the glossy colors of 2011, in favor of rich fabrics, cool textures and dynamic prints. This is a thinking girl’s wardrobe, high-end fashions for high-functioning women.  I’m calling this the “Dress for the Woman you Want to Become” Season.