Jessica Stam is “Sportlish” for Koray Birand in Harper’s Bazaar Turkey

The 2012 Summer Olympics have ushered in a new genre I’m branding, “Sport’s Couture.”  And bringing home the “Gold,” Jessica Stam poses for Koray Birand in the July issue of Harper’s Bazaar Turkey.  In the cover story, “Sport Darling,” the high-end luxury of Givenchy & Yves Saint Laurent are mixed with the casual-cool of Stella McCartney & Nike, for a modern take on sportswear-chic.  Demanding to be seen, these looks aren’t you typical work-out fare – these are drop-dead gorgeous ensembles that will guarantee you a fashion-win in any event.  Adopting the wildly popular “Cross-Trending” skills, these outfits are an eclectic mix of designs & taste, resulting in a new sector of fabulous – Sportlish.